Bibian Blue Barcelona

I´ve been a bit absent on this blog for a while due to a very hectic life at the moment. I´m doing an internship with Barcelona based corset designer Bibian Blue. It´s a lot of fun and I´m learning a lot. Plus I´m also working on starting up my own accessory online shop, and doing some upholstery work on the side (phew!!), so all that has left little time for blogging. Well more like, few things to blog about, as I´m still in the process of producing things, and don´t have that much to show you yet. Anyway, in the meantime I thought I´d share some of the work of the incredible designer where I´m lucky enough to have gotten an internship. Here are some of amazing the dresses from the new collection Crystal Flowers S/S “12. Hope you´ll like it!

All images are borrowed from the Bibian Blue Blog.


Abiogenesis collection “12/”13

I´ve been MIA on this blog for a while and the reason for that is that I´ve been working ny butt off trying to finish the first presentation of my thesis project which took place yesterday. We had to present a number of things to explain our concept, our inspiration and our collection. One of the things was to take 10 photos that represent the concept, the feeling we want to convey with our final collection. My inspiration comes from the microscopic images of human cells that I posted earlier and I wanted my photos to give the feeling of cells dividing and interacting, evolving from one stage to another.

So, starting with my concept description, here´s the first part of my thesis project presentation.

Ikea Ready-To-Wear

In the quest for fabric for my thesis collection I stumbled upon this one. Something to keep in mind for the probably hundreds of Ikea bags (ok that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there´s lots of them) hiding around somewhere in my apartment. I always buy at least one when I´m paying a visit to my swedish mothership, because of the practicality of them. (As a fashion student I ever so often have to carry my own body weight in materials to and from school, then these little blue weaved thingies come in handy.) Then I come home from my shopping trip, put it somewhere and never see it again. Next time I repeat the process. Now, unless I have little elves sneaking around carrying out the bags when I´m sleeping, one day I´m destined to come across all of them in their secret hiding place. And now I know what to do with them, an Ikea ready-to-wear rain coat collection! 😉

Blue metamorphosis by Skin jean


This is the inspiration for my thesis project this year. Microscopic images of human cells. This image above is of a human egg.

Above and below; the moment of fertilization and right after.

A six day old human embryo.

The surface of the small intestine.

Purkinje neurons in your brain, these cells control motor coordination.

Blood vessels in the retina of the eye.

Red blood cells.

Alveoli, the center for gas exchange with your blood, on the inner surface of your lungs.

A blood clot consisting of red blood cells, fibrin and a white blood cell in the middle.

All images are borrowed from Wellcome images

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

After much consideration and now with the blessing of Amys family Fred Perry has decided to launch the second (A/W “11) and third (S/S “12) the Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry collection. (The first collection was released in fall 2010.) The collection contains garments in the spirit of Amys signature style, and I think it´s a lovely tribute to an amazing singer.
All royalties from the collections will be donated to the soon-to-be-established Amy Winehouse Foundation.

I´m excited and desperately beginning to wonder how to scrape up the money to buy it.

My Fetish Barbie

One of the assignments we got for our womenswear project was to create garments for a Barbie doll which gave me the idea to instead of making some elaborate garment I would let Barbie manifest my concept. To take something pretty and perfect and turn it dirty and messy in order to make it more interesting.

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