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So I´m making a few changes to my dear blog. This one will from now on be focused on design and fashion related topics, such as my work for example, and I´m moving all of my “nutrition, feminism, save the world posts” to my new blog The Bell Pepper Blog. So if you´re interested in anything in that area please follow me there! 🙂

Oh, and I apologize for the mess on this blog while I´m reconstructing it. 🙂


Food art

An eleven course dinner at restaurant Esperanto in Stockholm.



Blood crepes.

Chicken heart on a bed of charcoal.

Missing a description of this one.

Carrots and chanterelles.

Black salsify with Wagyu.

Langoustines with white beans.

Four different types of onions.

Chicken with apples.

Licorice with beetroot and yoghurt shavings.


Source; swedish blogger Mogi


Is voyeurism becoming the mainstream fetish? I´m serious, with todays´ obsessive need to follow each others every thought, every event, no matter how small or insignificant, on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or whatever social community we prefer. With new reality shows popping up every time we turn our head. How far is the step to voyeurism? Is it not a perversion as long as you´re doing it behind a computer and not sitting in a tree outside someones house with a pair of binoculars in your hands? Is it ok as long as you´re not finding any sexual pleasure in it? Don´t get me wrong I really don´t care if you do find a sexual pleasure in it. In fact I think alot of people would be happier if they´d embrace their secret desires instead of hiding them. However the classic concept of voyeurism is often frowned upon by mainstream society but we keep logging on to Facebook to check our friends latest statuses, and reading blogs about complete strangers personal lives without thinking twice about it. Our whole perception of ourselves and others becomes defined by how many likes we got on our latest status update. It has become expected of us to share every defining moment of our life, from engagements, to home renovations, new furniture, new pedicures, pregnancies, break ups, arguments, weightloss, breakfast, visits to the super market and what time we´re going to bed. So that everybody we´ve ever met and anyone else that might be interested can take part of it.

Photographer Michael Wolf shot a series of photos focusing on the concept of modern life and our voyeuristic lifestyle.

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Love Shall Never Grow Stale. Nor Crumble.

What´s better than sex? Cookies of course! 😉 So who would be better equipped to teach how to keep the love life hot and spicy than a gingerbread couple?

Birds do it, bees do it. And guess what—cookies do it, too. In fact, never have a pair of gingerbread cookies looked so pleased. Yes, the Kama Sutra meets the Joy of Cooking. Featuring an unabashed gingerbread couple, who are photographed in unflinching full color, the Cookie Sutra is a recipe for pleasure.

There is The First Posture, where two are yoked as one (yet the calorie count remains unchanged). The Pair of Tongs, allowing the woman to be open, free, sweet and crunchy. Pounding the Spot, requiring the suppleness of freshly rolled dough. There is Scissors, Autumn Dog, Tripod, The Wheelbarrow, The Snake Trap. And, for the advanced and adventurous, The Suspended Congress—great care must be taken lest the cookies crumble.
Product description;
Author: Edward Jaye

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I am your…daddy…?

Who knew Darth Vader would show up in my sexy blog theme week? This editorial features a girl fantasizing about getting down and dirty with Vader (power is sexy people, let´s not judge, we´ve all had fantasies we´re less proud of), the man in question doesn´t seem to be quite so up for it though…
Poor girl, good thing it was just a dream.

Photographer Marie-Louise Cadosch
Makeup Artist Lilith Amrad
Model Maura Waller @ OPTION Model Agency

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Born into a difficult family situation, subjected to foster care and claims of illegitimacy, Norma Jean Baker managed to rise from her humble upbringing to international stardom.

This book is a collection of her own writings, poems, notes and letters that are supposed to show us a side of her we´ve never seen before. I´ve loved Marilyn Monroe since I was little and my mom introduced me to some of here movies. I think Bus stop was the first one I saw. At that time I was completely mesmerized by the Hollywood glamour of it all, but as I grew up I became more fascinated by the tragedy of her life. The search for that life fulfilling happiness that some of us just can never seem to find. That big black hole in your soul, that sometimes can decrease in size but never fully goes away. Tragedy, pain and vulnerability, still I can find there is something incredibly beautiful about it.

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