We all go a little mad sometimes

I love these illustrations by Brazilian artist Edno Pereira. I love the colors and the hints of craziness.


Breaking away

“The Charlize Theron story is not supposed to happen. The teenage girl who leaves the farm in South Africa to be a fashion model in Milan does not actually become a fashion model. The fashion model who tries to become a dancer does not get admitted to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. The injured ballerina who goes to Hollywood to be an actress doesn’t become an actress. Somewhere along the way, reality intrudes on the dream.
But Theron pulled it off.”

Charlize Theron wearing Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Christopher Kane and Salvatore Ferragamo.
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Mittens for everyone

Winter is upon us on my side of the world, although Europe is experiencing some suprisingly hot weather for the season. Here in Spain it´s been constantly raining for over a week. And my mother just informed me that there are people in the north of Sweden still growing strawberries in their gardens. (!!!) But anyway, if you are currently residing in a colder climate here are some gloves and mitten tips for this winter season.

For those who feel like making sarcastic comments with the appropriate air quote becomes a problem in the winter when your fingers are usually all covered up. Your problems are solved with these air quote mittens by Kate Spade

Smittens, for those obnoxious couples out there 😉

Itap, the Iphone glove. If you are in need of touch screen friendly winter apparel.

When working the night shift, glow in the dark gloves.

Ok these don´t really have a second function, they´re just cute and keep you warm. Hedgehogg mittens by Morehouse Merino 

Kitten mittens, if you haven´t outgrown loosing your mittens everytime you leave the house. I´m seriously considering a pair of these…

These are my favorites; Do the green thing gathers up lost gloves from donations and lost and found boxes, washes and repairs then and then pair them up by size (not color) and sell them online, profits go to charity.

Ikea Ready-To-Wear

In the quest for fabric for my thesis collection I stumbled upon this one. Something to keep in mind for the probably hundreds of Ikea bags (ok that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there´s lots of them) hiding around somewhere in my apartment. I always buy at least one when I´m paying a visit to my swedish mothership, because of the practicality of them. (As a fashion student I ever so often have to carry my own body weight in materials to and from school, then these little blue weaved thingies come in handy.) Then I come home from my shopping trip, put it somewhere and never see it again. Next time I repeat the process. Now, unless I have little elves sneaking around carrying out the bags when I´m sleeping, one day I´m destined to come across all of them in their secret hiding place. And now I know what to do with them, an Ikea ready-to-wear rain coat collection! 😉

Blue metamorphosis by Skin jean