By Thomas Straub for Swarovski.


Abiogenesis collection “12/”13

I´ve been MIA on this blog for a while and the reason for that is that I´ve been working ny butt off trying to finish the first presentation of my thesis project which took place yesterday. We had to present a number of things to explain our concept, our inspiration and our collection. One of the things was to take 10 photos that represent the concept, the feeling we want to convey with our final collection. My inspiration comes from the microscopic images of human cells that I posted earlier and I wanted my photos to give the feeling of cells dividing and interacting, evolving from one stage to another.

So, starting with my concept description, here´s the first part of my thesis project presentation.

Happy sexy pink lingerie year

Happy new year everyone! Hope your holidays have been amazing and that you´re as excited as I am to see what the new year has to offer. To inspire us all to fill the year with colors, happiness and love, I´m giving you the Victoria´s Secret Valentine´s Day Lookbook 2012.

Breaking away

“The Charlize Theron story is not supposed to happen. The teenage girl who leaves the farm in South Africa to be a fashion model in Milan does not actually become a fashion model. The fashion model who tries to become a dancer does not get admitted to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. The injured ballerina who goes to Hollywood to be an actress doesn’t become an actress. Somewhere along the way, reality intrudes on the dream.
But Theron pulled it off.”

Charlize Theron wearing Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Christopher Kane and Salvatore Ferragamo.
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Surrealistic chaos

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I´m a big fan of surrealism, it plays with your mind and feeds your creativity in such an inspiring way. (And as an overworked and underpaid design student I can totally relate to the sense of chaos portrayed in these photos.)
NAM is a collective founded in Tokyo, by designer Takayuki Nakazawa and photographer Hiroshi Manaka.

Dream Big

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Abbey Lee Kershaw by Richard Bush for i-D.

When the gap between fantasy and reality becomes to big, that is when we become bitter. Dare to follow your dreams, whether they come true or not in the end is not important, you won´t regret it either way. From each experience we will evolve and grow as people and that is never a bad thing.