This is the inspiration for my thesis project this year. Microscopic images of human cells. This image above is of a human egg.

Above and below; the moment of fertilization and right after.

A six day old human embryo.

The surface of the small intestine.

Purkinje neurons in your brain, these cells control motor coordination.

Blood vessels in the retina of the eye.

Red blood cells.

Alveoli, the center for gas exchange with your blood, on the inner surface of your lungs.

A blood clot consisting of red blood cells, fibrin and a white blood cell in the middle.

All images are borrowed from Wellcome images


5 thoughts on “Cellbiology/art

    • I´m glad you like them. I think they are amazing as well! 🙂 We´ll be working on the designs up until christmas and in january we´ll be starting to produce a selection of the garments to put in the final fashion show next summer. I´ll be posting updates on the process continuously throughout the year though to keep you guys posted, so stop by again. 🙂

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