How to look like your favorite celeb

I love wasting my time watching make up tutorials on youtube. Here are some of my favorites, this girl is an artist.


Death by Chocolate

This one isn´t at all creative design wise but I just love this image where my friends boyfriend is cutting the cake with a machete. (We didn´t have any cake knives…)
Even though it didn´t have an exciting exterior it was a delicious chocolate orgie with three different chocolate cream fillings and chocolate sponge cake.

Haute Cuisine

Designer Manish Arora is to design a “collection” of pastries for a parisian café called Café de la Paix. The collection is called Best of Five and is available from 16th of september until 15th of january.
Source; Vogue India

This kind of makes me miss my cake baking days. A few years ago my friend and I developed a passion for baking fun unusual cakes. We could spend hours googling images of extravagant cakes and new fillings. Unfortunately I´ve lost all images of my “cake portfolio” when my PC crashed a couple of years ago. Managed to dig out these two on facebook and my email:

A christmas cookie cake, for those of you who don´t read swedish it says Merry Christmas. I think the filling was a dark chocolate mousse, made from scratch by yours truly of course. 🙂

Made these two for my god daughters christening a few years ago. The party had a butterfly theme. Can´t quite remember the filling though, think it was raspberry and vanilla cream.

My Fetish Barbie

One of the assignments we got for our womenswear project was to create garments for a Barbie doll which gave me the idea to instead of making some elaborate garment I would let Barbie manifest my concept. To take something pretty and perfect and turn it dirty and messy in order to make it more interesting.

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Painting the roses…resin

Making use of my Sant Jordi roses (yes, I got two, wohoo, people do love me…!) by playing with a little epoxy resin. Since I´m a big fan of contrasts and combining completely different elements to create something interesting, being introduced to epoxy resin about six months ago was like christmas to yours truly. The possibility of taking something soft and fragile and turn it rock solid just opened up this whole new world of exciting ideas. Today I´ve been making a little rose bowl with some of the petals and the leaves from the roses. The other rose I just left as it is and dipped the whole flower in the resin.

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