My secret crush

In a deep dark corner of my soul there´s a girl with a crush who wishes nothing more than to become mrs Marilyn Manson. Oh, why is the darkness so appealing…?

Vogue Italia is feeding my desires this month.



Is voyeurism becoming the mainstream fetish? I´m serious, with todays´ obsessive need to follow each others every thought, every event, no matter how small or insignificant, on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or whatever social community we prefer. With new reality shows popping up every time we turn our head. How far is the step to voyeurism? Is it not a perversion as long as you´re doing it behind a computer and not sitting in a tree outside someones house with a pair of binoculars in your hands? Is it ok as long as you´re not finding any sexual pleasure in it? Don´t get me wrong I really don´t care if you do find a sexual pleasure in it. In fact I think alot of people would be happier if they´d embrace their secret desires instead of hiding them. However the classic concept of voyeurism is often frowned upon by mainstream society but we keep logging on to Facebook to check our friends latest statuses, and reading blogs about complete strangers personal lives without thinking twice about it. Our whole perception of ourselves and others becomes defined by how many likes we got on our latest status update. It has become expected of us to share every defining moment of our life, from engagements, to home renovations, new furniture, new pedicures, pregnancies, break ups, arguments, weightloss, breakfast, visits to the super market and what time we´re going to bed. So that everybody we´ve ever met and anyone else that might be interested can take part of it.

Photographer Michael Wolf shot a series of photos focusing on the concept of modern life and our voyeuristic lifestyle.

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Luxury pleasures

Luxury pleasures has chosen to reinterpret the world of sex toys with some interesting results. Their product line is inspired by The book of Genesis, containing seven objects each for one day of the week.

On the first day God created light:

Dildo: hot wax candle made with white beeswax and silver base.

Beeswax symbolizes the virgin flesh of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

On the second day God created the heavens:

Haute couture silk blind fold from St Gallen.
The blue sky represents Virgin Mary, who is often depicted with a blue coat called maphorion. Green is also used to represent the Virgin with the Child Jesus. The red roses are a symbol of virginity. Blind fold inspired by the stole of the priest.

On the third day God created vegetation:

Hand made black ebony penis ring from Gabon.
The ring symbolizes the union between God and Man. It is made in black ebony like most Black Madonnas. These figures are associated with rites of fertility and sexuality.

On the fourth day God created the stars:

Hand-made Glass Dildo with 23 carats gold leaf.
Horn inspired by the crescent moon, symbol of regeneration. Moses is often depicted with horns symbols of strength and wisdom, which are also symbols for the Devil and destruction.

On the fifth day God created birds and fish:

Necklace for caressing and tickling; made in solid silver, pink gold and rooster feathers.
Inspired by St. Francis who talked to birds and animals, and who wore a scapular (devotional necklace made of small pieces of fabric that some priests wear on their chests and on their back on top of their clothing). The rooster feathers symbolizes the arrival and resurrection of Jesus. In medieval liturgy, priests used a broom made of feathers (flabellum) to sweep the air and symbolize the heavenly powers who supported Jesus during the night of his death.

On the sixth day God created man:

A whip hand made with human hair, silver ligatures and Carrara marble.
The marble refers to death like the altar in the church represents the Holy Sepulchre. It contains 39 braids, the maximum number of lashes in religious punishments in Jesus’ time.

The seventh day is the rest:

Hand made diary in black leather.
The diary starts with the first 7 days of Genesis written by St. Jerome, from the first printed edition of the Gutenberg Bible. It is followed by 365 pages to write a diary about your own sins and fantasies.

Upcycle your sex life

The C-124 Cargo Bed will sure add some flavour to a monotonous sex life, the metal rings on the head board encourages engagement in spicy tie-me-down-games and its overall appearance gives off some strong secret S&M chamber vibes. The bed is designed by MotoArt, a company that specializes in converting old planes into practical furniture. This particluar piece is made out of the cargo floors from a heavy-lift cargo aircrafts; the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II.
Mattress, straps, chains and handcuffs are not included.

If you enjoy the concept of upcycled furniture but prefer to lessen the kinky vibe, then maybe the 747 Jet Liner or the Mile high is something for you:

My Kirkwood Love Affair

This week I´m rekindling the shoe fetishist in me. I´ve been so busy with designing garments and dreaming of a career in lingerie that I forgot how much fun shoes are. Each piece can be like an exquisite work of art that can brigthen up the most causal of outfits. One of my favorites, when it comes to works of art footwear is Nicholas Kirkwood. I put together a slideshow of his most amazing creations, including the ones I expect to be my wedding shoes one day; the haute couture stilettos he designed for Alice in Wonderland. I´m sure you can guess which ones they are. 😉

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My Fetish Barbie

One of the assignments we got for our womenswear project was to create garments for a Barbie doll which gave me the idea to instead of making some elaborate garment I would let Barbie manifest my concept. To take something pretty and perfect and turn it dirty and messy in order to make it more interesting.

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My fetish dress

What do you know, it fits. Meaning I´m probably going to have to bring some pins to take it in a bit for my model on sunday.

The dress is a play on fetishism and the socially unacceptable behaviour fetishes are considered to be. I think they add depth to a person. We can be pretty and perfect on the outside but inside there´s something dirty and messy that makes the person more interesting. After all perfection is boring. This is why I decided to make a pretty pink dress and make cuts in it revealing images of this bizarre macabre art printed on the lining.