Ikea Ready-To-Wear

In the quest for fabric for my thesis collection I stumbled upon this one. Something to keep in mind for the probably hundreds of Ikea bags (ok that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there´s lots of them) hiding around somewhere in my apartment. I always buy at least one when I´m paying a visit to my swedish mothership, because of the practicality of them. (As a fashion student I ever so often have to carry my own body weight in materials to and from school, then these little blue weaved thingies come in handy.) Then I come home from my shopping trip, put it somewhere and never see it again. Next time I repeat the process. Now, unless I have little elves sneaking around carrying out the bags when I´m sleeping, one day I´m destined to come across all of them in their secret hiding place. And now I know what to do with them, an Ikea ready-to-wear rain coat collection! 😉

Blue metamorphosis by Skin jean

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