Shoe tip of the day

Two of my fellow class mates designed a shoe for Click here to buy a pair!


DIY Stilettos

Designer Sharon Golan created MyShell256, a shoe consisting of 16 components that you can reassemble into 256 different designs. The shoes are held together by silicon rubber-bands. Through a video and a interactive website you get instructions how to achieve the different shoe creations. The inspiration from the shoe came from the earth and the terrestrial crust, which is shaped by internal pressure as it moves. The 16 pieces were inspired by things from nature: parts of fruit peel, egg, earth and shell. I do have to admire the creativity of it, however the shoe itself, apart from looking insanely uncomfortable, brings a whole new meaning to the word fugly.

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My Kirkwood Love Affair

This week I´m rekindling the shoe fetishist in me. I´ve been so busy with designing garments and dreaming of a career in lingerie that I forgot how much fun shoes are. Each piece can be like an exquisite work of art that can brigthen up the most causal of outfits. One of my favorites, when it comes to works of art footwear is Nicholas Kirkwood. I put together a slideshow of his most amazing creations, including the ones I expect to be my wedding shoes one day; the haute couture stilettos he designed for Alice in Wonderland. I´m sure you can guess which ones they are. 😉

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