My own infomercial

Just like I am a fan of eating natural food without additives I want the same for my skin. I´ve been using biological skin care products for the past 4 years now and the improvement of my skin condition has been amazing. The funny thing is I´ve spent years and years spending insane amounts of money on different products, thinking the more expensive the better product. That was before I started working in the health food business and learned all about glycerin, paraffin and other petroleum based oils that are added in basically all the conventional skin care products out there, wether it´s L´oreal or Clinique. Synthetic oils blocks your pores and makes it impossible for the moisture to enter your skin. Meaning it will only lay on top of your skin making it temporarily soft, but the next time you shower or wash your face you´re dry and again and need to apply more. Same for the cleansers, you can´t properly deep cleanse since the synthetic oils keeps everything on top. So anyway, when I switched to biological brands like Dr Hauschka and Rosenserien from Sweden, there was a vast improvement in my skin condition. And although those brands have great products my favorite is something that costs about 1/10 of what other products do and that made my oily combination skin completely vanish. It´s olive oil combined with a bit of castor oil (I would say about 95% olive, 5% castor, if you´re skin feels a little dry put more olive and less castor). The castor oil is deep cleansing and has anti-inflammatory effects and since they´re both natural vegetable oils they work well with your skin. You use it as a facial cleanser and wash it off with warm water, and the oils moistens and balances your skin so there´s no need to apply facial creme afterwards either. It will obviously take a few days for your skin to become healed and balanced since with this technique you´ll be taking out all the impurities but then you´ll be left with healthy happy skin.

I just realised I sound like an infomercial, haha, but this really is the best skin care product I´ve tried (and believe me I´ve tried them all) and I just thought I´d share. And it´s super economical, at least here in spain you can find 1 litre of olive oil for 3-4 euros. I bought the castor oil in sweden so I don´t know where to find that here, but I´m guessing pharmacies or an herboristeria will have it.

The Oil Cleansing method is a deep cleansing treatment with a higher amount of castor oil, not to be used too frequenlty, because it´s so deep cleansing it might make your skin dryer. Could be good to use as a first deep cleansing step and then increase the amount of olive oil as for daily use. I tried the OCM in combination with biological skin care products but I found that when I completely switched to my olive/castor combo and used it daily that´s when I had the best improvement of my skin.

The swedish diet (apparently)

This woman, Erin Fray, is so full of crap I don´t know wether to laugh or cry. This is not “the swedish diet” I can assure you. We´re big on eating natural healthy food and exercise, not drinking liquid sugar with some added herbs to loose weight. I think my favorite part is (around 25 minutes in) when she talks about the woman who tried the diet and ended up getting married (and she gives a big emphasis on that one, as we all know, marriage is the epitome of success) and had a fairy tale happy ending. So if you´re out there and you´re an unhappy single, try the swedish diet, loose those extra pounds that surely are what keeps you´re dream guy from falling madly in love with you, and you can end up getting maaarrrieeed too!!!

The second part with Karen Pendergrass is very good though, interesting and informative. You can just fast forward through the fad diet bullshit in the first half if you like me feel like you´re intelligence is dropping just by listening to it.

Listen to the interview here

Oh the irony

Just wanted to share the fact that my usb was forgotten in one of the school computers on thursday night (the same night that I spent here complaining about my failing technology curse). When I realized this friday morning and rushed back to get it, you guessed it, it was nowhere to be found. There is a curse. Luckily this year my usb didn´t contain any private files like the one I lost last year did, just a bunch of school stuff that most of it I have a back up copy of on both my computer and and external hard drive. See, at least I learn from my mistakes.

The curse of May

Last year around this time my computer had crashed, my usb memory had gotten stolen, and my mp3 player was about to break as well. This year my computer is dying on me at random moments (must take it to apple store before warranty runs out in 3 weeks), my ipod has past on to a better world, and my phone doesn´t send text messages or let´s me access the internet. I also recall that I around this time last year, just like now, was suffering the cold from hell. Is there a spring virus going around that only affects me and the technology I surround myself with??


Hey, come up with your own ideas for a collection mr Jacobs!

The Fall collections ended today as they began nearly a month ago, with Marc Jacobs in arch provocateur mode, exploring and exploding the meaning of fetishes. In New York, the designer sported a latex T-shirt under his button-down; in Paris at Louis Vuitton, it was a miniature plastic mask of the sort that decorated the models’ hats—peaked caps in the manner of Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter. Backstage, Jacobs explained that the fetish idea came from a conversation with LVMH’s Bernard Arnault about women’s “inexplicable” (his word, not ours) obsession with bags. “And that got us started thinking about passions, and any of the disciplines that require effort and work and commitment,” he said.

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