Lolita Bakery and a rainstorm

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Yesterday we went to this cute little bakery in El Born called Lolita Bakery. While we were in there enjoying our coffee and cupcakes this unbelievable thunderstorm hit Barcelona and rain just started pouring down. Looking out it looked like a river rushing by on the narrows streets. Soon the streets filled up completely and water actually started coming in through the door flooding the little bakery. All the girls working there, and us, had to start moving away the furniture and scooping up the water that was filling up the floor.

Photo by Kam Jey

Luckily eventually the rain calmed down a bit and stopped flooding the streets. We eventually left the girls to clean up their store and hopefully they´ll be back in business on monday.


Celebrity Popsicles

Apparently the russian ad agency, Stoyn, chose ten iconic figures from around the world and immortalized them as popsicles. The chosen flavors are supposedly a play with the personalities of the celebs. I don´t know about you but I think they look funny and delicious.


Sugar Body Scrub

Today I´m going to talk about my third passion in life (design and nutrition being the first and second); natural skin care. In the past I´ve done my best to brain wash you with the amazing oil cleansing method and today I will teach you how to make your own natural body scrub.

Se necessita:

Azúcar; sugar is the devil but only for the inside of your body. For the outside it´s an excellent natural exfoliation product. (Salt tends to be slightly dehydrating which is why sugar is preferable.)

Olive Oil; my favorite beauty product of all time, good for your inside as well as your outside. Of course any vegetable oil of choice is fine, sometimes I like to use sunflower oil since it is, unlike olive oil, odour free, and you don´t have to walk around smelling like food for the rest of the day. (Just as long as your not using baby oil or any other synthetic petroleum product aka mineral oils.)

Como hacerlo:
Take a jar, glass or plastic, whatever you have around and pour the sugar into it. Then blend in the olive oil and stir thoroughly so that it mixes well.
Then get naked and hop into the shower! Start massaging the sugar/olive oil mix all over your body in circular motions. When done just rinse the sugar and the oil off. No need to wash off all of the oil though, when your skin is moist it goes quickly into your skin as your skin is drying. And your left with nothing but baby smooth skin.

Death by Chocolate

This one isn´t at all creative design wise but I just love this image where my friends boyfriend is cutting the cake with a machete. (We didn´t have any cake knives…)
Even though it didn´t have an exciting exterior it was a delicious chocolate orgie with three different chocolate cream fillings and chocolate sponge cake.

Haute Cuisine

Designer Manish Arora is to design a “collection” of pastries for a parisian café called Café de la Paix. The collection is called Best of Five and is available from 16th of september until 15th of january.
Source; Vogue India

This kind of makes me miss my cake baking days. A few years ago my friend and I developed a passion for baking fun unusual cakes. We could spend hours googling images of extravagant cakes and new fillings. Unfortunately I´ve lost all images of my “cake portfolio” when my PC crashed a couple of years ago. Managed to dig out these two on facebook and my email:

A christmas cookie cake, for those of you who don´t read swedish it says Merry Christmas. I think the filling was a dark chocolate mousse, made from scratch by yours truly of course. 🙂

Made these two for my god daughters christening a few years ago. The party had a butterfly theme. Can´t quite remember the filling though, think it was raspberry and vanilla cream.

Disney equality

I completely stole this from Lady Dahmer, but I think it needs to be spread. The gender roles that we feed our children, very often unconsciously, is an important issue, and I think the only way to progress in the struggle for equality between the sexes is to make people aware of it. Usually we are so used to treating a child in a specific way, girls are pretty little princesses and boys are tough and likes to play with cars and action figures, that we don´t even consider there to be something wrong with it. But fact is in one way or another we are all products of our childhood and, judging from personal experience, having been a child and all, sometimes these personality traits are so edged into your brain they will most likely haunt you for the rest of your life.