Shoe tip of the day

Two of my fellow class mates designed a shoe for Click here to buy a pair!


Mummified Barbie

We´ve all seen ballerina Barbie, rockstar Barbie, dr. Barbie, bridal Barbie etc. But we´ve never seen her quite like this before. Artist E.V. Day created an installation with mummified Barbie dolls as a representation of western culture and today´s obsession with preserving beauty through whatever means necessary.
If you´re interested in buying one of these babies, Grey area is selling them for $3500 each.

Surrealistic chaos

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I´m a big fan of surrealism, it plays with your mind and feeds your creativity in such an inspiring way. (And as an overworked and underpaid design student I can totally relate to the sense of chaos portrayed in these photos.)
NAM is a collective founded in Tokyo, by designer Takayuki Nakazawa and photographer Hiroshi Manaka.

Fat phobia

Another medical article has been published showing that the fear of saturated fats is highly exaggerated, and the over consumption of carbohydrates is what we really need to worry about. This general misconception of fat being bad for you is based on a poorly made study from the 1960´s conducted by Ancel Keys, where he claimed the results showed saturated fats were connected to cardiovascular diseases. Modern science and more importantly; basic knowledge of physiology claims the opposite though, fat is essential for our cells to function properly and carbohydrates, well they just taste good, without really bringing anything of value to our bodies. However this fat myth is being kept alive by several institutions still as most countries economy depends on selling agricultural products, and if people cut down on the starch, bread, potatoes, pasta, they would obviously loose a lot of money. It´s a sad fact but money rules the world.

To read the whole article, click here:

The Netherlands Journal of Medicine: Saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease


Treasure Fantasy bra 2011

This years fantasy bra from Victoria´s Secret is called the Treasure Fantasy bra. It´s worn by the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, and can be yours (or your girlfriends) for the humble price of $2,5 million. I love the colors and the pearls but I might wait for the after christmas sale…

41 days, 4 hours and 12 minutes left until our favorite lingerie event of the year. 😉