Bibian Blue Barcelona

I´ve been a bit absent on this blog for a while due to a very hectic life at the moment. I´m doing an internship with Barcelona based corset designer Bibian Blue. It´s a lot of fun and I´m learning a lot. Plus I´m also working on starting up my own accessory online shop, and doing some upholstery work on the side (phew!!), so all that has left little time for blogging. Well more like, few things to blog about, as I´m still in the process of producing things, and don´t have that much to show you yet. Anyway, in the meantime I thought I´d share some of the work of the incredible designer where I´m lucky enough to have gotten an internship. Here are some of amazing the dresses from the new collection Crystal Flowers S/S “12. Hope you´ll like it!

All images are borrowed from the Bibian Blue Blog.


The rain in Spain

Just found this video someone posted on Youtube of the rainstorm this saturday! Just had to share it. The weirdest part is that it only rained for about 30 minutes, completely flooded the city, and then it just stopped and the water went away.

Lolita Bakery and a rainstorm

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Yesterday we went to this cute little bakery in El Born called Lolita Bakery. While we were in there enjoying our coffee and cupcakes this unbelievable thunderstorm hit Barcelona and rain just started pouring down. Looking out it looked like a river rushing by on the narrows streets. Soon the streets filled up completely and water actually started coming in through the door flooding the little bakery. All the girls working there, and us, had to start moving away the furniture and scooping up the water that was filling up the floor.

Photo by Kam Jey

Luckily eventually the rain calmed down a bit and stopped flooding the streets. We eventually left the girls to clean up their store and hopefully they´ll be back in business on monday.

Future textiles pt 3

So you can take your siesta anywhere without being disturbed by your surroundings.

Jersey musical – a sweater that you can actually play by pressing different parts of the front.

A dress made from cassette tapes.

And if I´m understanding this correctly; it says; the dress will play music when in contact with a tape player.

Future textiles pt 1

Outside the Maritime museum, a touristy pose with the submarine!

On of the first things that met our eyes when we walked into the exhibition was this giant breathing (!) baby.

More pictures will be posted later. Now I´m off to the market to try to find some indian fabrics for my womenswear collection. I overslept a little today, since I didn´t get home from work until 6 o´clock in the morning. The bar was crazy busy last night, so after we closed we needed a little time to unwind before we could start cleaning. Was suppose to get up at 9ish to be at the market before it gets super packed with people. Let´s hope there will still be some fabrics left for me when I get there.