Jugando con la luna

Playing with the moon.

Someone shared this on Facebook and I thought it was so beautiful I just had to keep sharing. 🙂
The photographer is called Laurent Laveder.


We all go a little mad sometimes

I love these illustrations by Brazilian artist Edno Pereira. I love the colors and the hints of craziness.

Mummified Barbie

We´ve all seen ballerina Barbie, rockstar Barbie, dr. Barbie, bridal Barbie etc. But we´ve never seen her quite like this before. Artist E.V. Day created an installation with mummified Barbie dolls as a representation of western culture and today´s obsession with preserving beauty through whatever means necessary.
If you´re interested in buying one of these babies, Grey area is selling them for $3500 each.

Surrealistic chaos

Click on images for bigger versions

I´m a big fan of surrealism, it plays with your mind and feeds your creativity in such an inspiring way. (And as an overworked and underpaid design student I can totally relate to the sense of chaos portrayed in these photos.)
NAM is a collective founded in Tokyo, by designer Takayuki Nakazawa and photographer Hiroshi Manaka.

Whimsical fantasies

Tim Walker is a fashion photographer originally from London, now living in New York, who has been working for Vogue for over ten years. He also has several photos included in the permanent collections of he Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London. In 2008 he had his first major exhibition at the Design Museum in London. What I really like about his photos is how he incorporates these whimsical fantasy elements into them, it just makes me want to look at them forever.