Shoe Porn 2012

I give you 15 little shoe-gasms from Nicholas Kirkwood S/S 2012. The collection, with its floral patterns and bright colors, is inspired by mr Kirkwoods vacation trip to Bali. Enjoy!

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McQueen S/S”12

The new McQueen collection is fantastic! In my opinion Sarah Burton is doing an amazing job. The collection is based on three G´s; Madame Grès for the pleating and draping, Gaudí for the architecture, and earth goddess Gaia for the sense of an all-encompassing oceanic life, like the outfits composed of coral or shells. Watch the slideshow below and enjoy the creativity!

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Galliano sans Galliano

I´m still in mourning of John Gallianos absence in the fashion world, although I´m happy he´s getting the help that he needs. His replacement Bill Gaytten made the following statement on friday:
“We’ve not heard the last of John Galliano.”
“We’ll see,” he told the Financial Times. “It’s not over until it’s over. I can’t say any more than that right now.”
So, fingers crossed he´ll be coming back to us soon…!

I like the S/S”12 collection, I think Bill Gaytten is doing the label justice, however I miss the theatrical feel which was what made me fall in love with John Galliano in the first place…

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Rodarte S/S”12 RTW

The Rodarte Spring 2012 collection is a mashup of Disney´s Sleeping Beauty from 1959 and the colorful paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. I´m having mixed feelings about this. I like the Sunflowers and Starry night prints on the fabrics and the bright colors are amazing. As for the kitschy prom dress silhouettes I´m not quite convinced. I think these amazing fabrics would have been made more justice in a slightly more simple classic design. The above posted dress was the only one I truly enjoyed as a whole.

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The end of D&G

As of next season Dolce & Gabbana will close its D&G line to merge it with the main collection line. The S/S 2012 will therefor be the brands last fashion show. Hope is by moving their most successful line it will give more strength and energy to the Dolce & Gabbana line.

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The collection is characterised by the use of twill silk foulards, which becomes the main element in the making of dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, shorts and accessories.

Loose and made more attractive by tying the foulards around the body in a sensual way. Asymmetries are created through the construction of foulards diagonally stitched together.

Twill silk, embroideries and denim applications.

Wedges entirely made of foulards. Foulard bags with golden coins to wear around the wrist.
Straw and raffia hats.
Earrings and necklaces with golden coins.

Long chiffon foulard-printed dresses, worn with Capri-style sandals decorated with golden coins.

“Kiss Sex Machine Remix” – Prince vs. James Brown
Milan, 22th September 2011

Sources; Vogue India and Dolce & Gabbana