Shoe Design Project

Today we had a presentation of our shoe prototypes that we´ve been working on for the past few weeks.
Mine is the yellow, goldish open toe ballet pump with a bow in the back in the bottom of the picture.


Luscious Venom – a knitwear collection

Me and my crappy illustration skills…

Working on finishing the illustrations for my knitwear presentation next week. I´m actually getting a little bored with this collection now, I´m feeling ready to move on to new projects like my womenswear fetish collection and the accessories collection we´re doing with the same theme.

The book I´m using to improve my illustration technique, written by my illustration teacher:

My fetish

The process continues. Started putting together a video tonight for my final presentation, so far I like it. I think I found a good combination of sexy and macabre. 😉 Also booked my model today for the final photoshoot, very happy that she said yes, I think she will be perfect for it. 🙂 Now I need to start doing some location spotting for the photoshoot. I need something a little bizarre to match the mood of my collection. Not sure where that can be but with all the amazing architecture of Barcelona I should be able to find something.

Here´s the written description of my concept:

More latex

Latex & me

After extensive experimentation trying various types of dying methods to get the liquid latex black, I finally decided on black ink. Even though it´s still not perfect it will have to be good enough for starting to experiment with it on fabrics. If anyone out there knows where in Barcelona to find proper latex pigment please let me know.