Happy sexy pink lingerie year

Happy new year everyone! Hope your holidays have been amazing and that you´re as excited as I am to see what the new year has to offer. To inspire us all to fill the year with colors, happiness and love, I´m giving you the Victoria´s Secret Valentine´s Day Lookbook 2012.


Fleurs du mal

The Agent Provocateur Soirée collection is super sexy and gorgeous. I showed you the commercial ad earlier, here are my favorites from the collection.


Oh Christmas tree…

I´ve always liked alternative christmas trees. A few years ago I tried to convince my then boyfriend that a big sparkly pink tree would be a great idea, he didn´t agree… However he was able to settle for a more “masculine” tree in black and silver, going with the black and white minimalist interior of the apartment. And it ended up looking amazing! We found a plastic tree completely in black with little hints of silver and we put all black and silver decorations in it. Unfortunately I lost all my images in the great computer crash of 2010, otherwise I´d be happy to share it with you.

Someone who did get her pink tree is designer Betsey Johnson. It´s residing in The Plaza Hotel in New York and was inspired by one of their most famous, however fictional, celebrity guests, children´s book character Eloise. Betsey Johnson has also created an Eloise inspired suite for the hotel back in 2010.

At the unveiling of the tree the designer stated:
“I always knew there was a cosmic love between me and the Plaza, even though I didn’t grow up with Eloise, when I moved to New York, Eloise’s story and the Plaza were real aspirational fantasies for me. And I love that they’ve kept the architecture, history and beauty of The Plaza, instead of trying to make it too modern.”

“It’s filled with girly stuff — pink feathers, sparkles, foldout Eloise paper dolls. There’s three quarters of me that’s six years old and it comes out.”


Dr Mary Vernon explains LCHF

Dr Mary Vernon explains in a easy interesting way the health benefits of cutting down on carbs in your diet.
She´s interviewed by swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt.


Sex and violence

The Agent Provocateur Fleurs du mal (“Flowers of evil”) Soirée collection 11/12 is a sexy combination of S&M and horror. So if you´re not a fan of horror movies, this may not be for you.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised.


We all go a little mad sometimes

I love these illustrations by Brazilian artist Edno Pereira. I love the colors and the hints of craziness.


Saving the world


Carnivores, saints and presidents

Pop surrealist artist Mark Ryden mixes childhood innocence with macabre darkness all enclosed by baroque decadent frames. Amazing and disturbing at the same time, I love it!


Extravagant jewelry

Accessories by Joji Kojima