The Fantasy Bra

Every year Victoria´s Secret create a Fantasy Bra, an exclusive lingerie garment covered in millions of dollars worth of diamonds and other gem stones. The first fantasy bra was advertised in the Victoria’s Secret catalog in 1996 and worn by Claudia Schiffer. It was called the Million Dollar Miracle Bra, with a price tag of exactly $1,000,000. Since 2001 the fantasy bra has also been featured in the fashion shows.

Prior to each Fashion Show, a jewelry designer is contracted to create the bra which will be used as a focal point for promoting the fashion show and also as a centerpiece within it. The company offers the Fantasy Bra for sale as “the ultimate holiday” gift, although with an average price of several million dollars they are not exactly flying of the shelves… In fact the only fantasy bra ever sold was the Million Dollar Miracle Bra from the very first year.

The Red Hot Fantasy bra from 2000, worn by Gisele Bündchen earned a spot in Guinness World Records as the most expensive item of lingerie ever. It included 1300 gem stones, such as rubies and diamonds.

A selection of Fantasy bras throughout the years:

Million Dollar Miracle Bra, Claudia Schiffer, 1996 – $1,000,000

Millennium Bra, Heidi Klum, 1999 – $10,000,000

Red Hot Fantasy Bra/Panties, Gisele Bündchen, 2000 – $15,000,000

Very Sexy Fantasy Bra, Heidi Klum, 2003 – $11,000,000

Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra, Tyra Banks, 2004 – $10,000,000

Holiday Fantasy Bra, Selita Ebanks, 2007 – $4,500,000

Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra, Adriana Lima, 2008 – $5,000,000

Harlequin Fantasy Bra, Marisa Miller, 2009 – $3,000,000

Bombshell Fantasy Bra, Adriana Lima, 2010 – $2,000,000


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