Is voyeurism becoming the mainstream fetish? I´m serious, with todays´ obsessive need to follow each others every thought, every event, no matter how small or insignificant, on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or whatever social community we prefer. With new reality shows popping up every time we turn our head. How far is the step to voyeurism? Is it not a perversion as long as you´re doing it behind a computer and not sitting in a tree outside someones house with a pair of binoculars in your hands? Is it ok as long as you´re not finding any sexual pleasure in it? Don´t get me wrong I really don´t care if you do find a sexual pleasure in it. In fact I think alot of people would be happier if they´d embrace their secret desires instead of hiding them. However the classic concept of voyeurism is often frowned upon by mainstream society but we keep logging on to Facebook to check our friends latest statuses, and reading blogs about complete strangers personal lives without thinking twice about it. Our whole perception of ourselves and others becomes defined by how many likes we got on our latest status update. It has become expected of us to share every defining moment of our life, from engagements, to home renovations, new furniture, new pedicures, pregnancies, break ups, arguments, weightloss, breakfast, visits to the super market and what time we´re going to bed. So that everybody we´ve ever met and anyone else that might be interested can take part of it.

Photographer Michael Wolf shot a series of photos focusing on the concept of modern life and our voyeuristic lifestyle.

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