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Born into a difficult family situation, subjected to foster care and claims of illegitimacy, Norma Jean Baker managed to rise from her humble upbringing to international stardom.

This book is a collection of her own writings, poems, notes and letters that are supposed to show us a side of her we´ve never seen before. I´ve loved Marilyn Monroe since I was little and my mom introduced me to some of here movies. I think Bus stop was the first one I saw. At that time I was completely mesmerized by the Hollywood glamour of it all, but as I grew up I became more fascinated by the tragedy of her life. The search for that life fulfilling happiness that some of us just can never seem to find. That big black hole in your soul, that sometimes can decrease in size but never fully goes away. Tragedy, pain and vulnerability, still I can find there is something incredibly beautiful about it.

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