Sugar Body Scrub

Today I´m going to talk about my third passion in life (design and nutrition being the first and second); natural skin care. In the past I´ve done my best to brain wash you with the amazing oil cleansing method and today I will teach you how to make your own natural body scrub.

Se necessita:

Azúcar; sugar is the devil but only for the inside of your body. For the outside it´s an excellent natural exfoliation product. (Salt tends to be slightly dehydrating which is why sugar is preferable.)

Olive Oil; my favorite beauty product of all time, good for your inside as well as your outside. Of course any vegetable oil of choice is fine, sometimes I like to use sunflower oil since it is, unlike olive oil, odour free, and you don´t have to walk around smelling like food for the rest of the day. (Just as long as your not using baby oil or any other synthetic petroleum product aka mineral oils.)

Como hacerlo:
Take a jar, glass or plastic, whatever you have around and pour the sugar into it. Then blend in the olive oil and stir thoroughly so that it mixes well.
Then get naked and hop into the shower! Start massaging the sugar/olive oil mix all over your body in circular motions. When done just rinse the sugar and the oil off. No need to wash off all of the oil though, when your skin is moist it goes quickly into your skin as your skin is drying. And your left with nothing but baby smooth skin.


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