Haute Cuisine

Designer Manish Arora is to design a “collection” of pastries for a parisian café called Café de la Paix. The collection is called Best of Five and is available from 16th of september until 15th of january.
Source; Vogue India

This kind of makes me miss my cake baking days. A few years ago my friend and I developed a passion for baking fun unusual cakes. We could spend hours googling images of extravagant cakes and new fillings. Unfortunately I´ve lost all images of my “cake portfolio” when my PC crashed a couple of years ago. Managed to dig out these two on facebook and my email:

A christmas cookie cake, for those of you who don´t read swedish it says Merry Christmas. I think the filling was a dark chocolate mousse, made from scratch by yours truly of course. 🙂

Made these two for my god daughters christening a few years ago. The party had a butterfly theme. Can´t quite remember the filling though, think it was raspberry and vanilla cream.

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