The swedish diet (apparently)

This woman, Erin Fray, is so full of crap I don´t know wether to laugh or cry. This is not “the swedish diet” I can assure you. We´re big on eating natural healthy food and exercise, not drinking liquid sugar with some added herbs to loose weight. I think my favorite part is (around 25 minutes in) when she talks about the woman who tried the diet and ended up getting married (and she gives a big emphasis on that one, as we all know, marriage is the epitome of success) and had a fairy tale happy ending. So if you´re out there and you´re an unhappy single, try the swedish diet, loose those extra pounds that surely are what keeps you´re dream guy from falling madly in love with you, and you can end up getting maaarrrieeed too!!!

The second part with Karen Pendergrass is very good though, interesting and informative. You can just fast forward through the fad diet bullshit in the first half if you like me feel like you´re intelligence is dropping just by listening to it.

Listen to the interview here


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