Things I miss about Sweden

* Regular milk and cream that goes bad after a week (none of this UHT treated crap that tastes yuck and can stay in your refridgerator for 6 months and still be ok to drink).

* Organic Gevalia coffee.

* Being able to buy organic food in regular supermarkets at reasonable prices.

* Food variety in supermarkets. Here it´s the exact same small selection of products no matter how big or small the supermarket is. If it´s a big supermarket they just have more of everything. Like an entire aisle of tuna…

* Being able to make phone calls and text at reasonable prices. I mean 30 cent for a textmessage, or 18 cent/minute for a phonecall…really?

* Being able to use as much hot water and electricity as I want without getting a ridiculous bill at the end of the month.

* Being able to go inside during winter and not feeling like I´m still outside.

* Being able to afford my own apartment.

* Yoghurt candy.

* Regular cocoa powder! Where do you buy regular cocoa powder that doesn´t have a bunch of sugar and additives and crap mixed with it????


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