Impulse purchase

Woke up this morning (after about 5 hours of sleep, pretty much my average this week) from my neighbours dog barking hysterically as usual for about half an hour. (I never actually fantasised about killing an animal before.) Couldn´t go back to sleep so decided to go for a powerwalk, just to discover that my ipod had frozen and I would have to walk without music. You know listening to birds and crap… Annoyed over this start of the day I went into Amazon and impulse purchased an ipod shuffle 2GB to use as backup for when the other one freezes on me. (And yes I picked the pink one…)

My vintage ipod, a gift from my dear husband when my other mp3 player broke last year. Even has his name ingraved on the back so I´ll always remember who my heart belongs to. It freezes from time to time though but then you´ll just have to let the battery die and then charge it and it goes back to normal. It will be good to have a backup though for those times.

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