Prescription Drugs

– The cause of, and solution to, all of life´s problems, as Homer Simpson would have put it.
Started to feel a migraine attack coming on in class today so I went to the farmacia to see if they had anything for it. The man gave me a box of little pills that said “with prescription” on it. (At least I knew it was very likely to be powerful enough to take the migraine away) Back in class I took one and made a joke to my teacher that maybe I would be passed out on the floor in a while. Little did I know, I´d be somewhat right. I almost fell asleep in class, luckily it was dressmaking so I could just spend the whole hour and a half that was left unpicking stitches on one of my garments (something that would normally take about 10 minutes, hahaha….), nothing that required to much attention or thinking though. Then I had to walk all the way home whilst trying to maintain consciousness, finally home I just fell onto my bed and was completely knocked out for the rest of the afternoon. Came back to life around 8 tonight. Good thing is my migraine attack went away completely though.

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