Hello world!

My new blog, very much in the making at the moment. Still haven´t decided on the perfect theme, still need to design my header. It might take a while though considering I´m at the moment juggling fashion school studies (which takes up about 90% of my time), bar work, spanish classes and trying to find time for socialising with my friends in between all this. And if there´s any time left I enjoy catching up on my sleep. So blog design has a somewhat low priority at the moment. Blogging itself though I will try to keep up as much as I can.

One of the projects I´m working on right now is a womenswear collection where I´ve found inspiration in the world of fetishism and more specifically BDSM. I´m really excited about exploring this subject as I´m completely fascinated by all things macabre and unconventional.

This is my moodboard. I love it, I think it captures the feeling of my collection perfectly.



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